Next generation medicine development

SeaHeal™️ leverages its proprietary technology to develop affordable and targeted medicines. SeaHeal are building the next generation of medicine development, enabled by Blockchain, HealthCoins and Marine biodiversity - powered by AI.

Currently, the global battle against chronic diseases is captured in the innovation eco-system controlled by the big pharmaceutical companies. This delays and increases costs for more effective treatments and solutions to reach patients in need.

Award-winning team

Prof. Dr.   
Gino Limmon 
Chief Technology Officer

Gino has 25 years of experience in the field of Molecular Biology and Marine Biotechnology and is now the Director of Marine Science Center of Excellence in Ambon, Indonesia set up as a joint venture between Pattimura University and SeaHeal AG. Gino has an experice as Senior Scientist in National Institute of Environmental Sciences, NIH, USA and Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART), Singapore. Gino has won several honors and awards such as National Institute of Health - Fellows Award for Research Excellence 2007, NIH-NIEHS Fellowship 2004-2008, Hans Knoell Institute (HKI) Fellowship 2002- 2004, German Academic Exchange Program (DAAD) Fellowship 1998- 2002, Marine Science Education Program Fellowship 1994-1996.

Prof. Dr.
Laszlo Szekely, MD
Chief Medical Officer

Laszlo is a Medical Doctor and Professor of Hematology at Karolinska Institute, Stockholm and has 30 years of experience from clinical and medical innovations primarily in the treatment of cancer. Laszlo has been leading the research enabling the SeaHeal technology platform at MTC at Karolinska Institute since 1997 and is a price-winning innovator that have introduced several transformative technology platforms enabling a better care for cancer patients globally.

SeaHeal AG

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Award-winning team

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About SeaHeal

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Be the first to know more

SeaHeal™ uses proprietary technology to develop more affordable and targeted medicines to treat severe chronic diseases using active biological substances found in coral reefs.

The CE-approved technology platform has been developed at SeaHeal’s research facility in Karolinska Institute, Sweden and SeaHeal’s biopharmaceutical laboratory in Ambon, Eastern Indonesia.


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SeaHeal's world class team has a years of experience in medical, marine-biology, taking companies public, software development and token economics.

Jaakko Kotivuori

Chief Biomed Officer

Jaakko is a scientist and high-performance computing expert. He explored the intersection of technology and biology during his biomedical studies at Queen Mary, University of London, which lead him to be introduced to decentralized systems and artificial neural networks. Having also studied economics and finance at Bocconi University Jaakko saw the potential of combining these two worlds in the form of digital currencies and other applications of blockchain technologies. Seeing the vast benefits of decentralized technologies, he now works to advise transformative blockchain projects in addition to his executive role in a more traditional consulting firm.

Risto Vauras

Chief Design Officer

Risto has over 20 years of ex­per­i­ence in graph­ic design and art dir­ec­tion, work­ing with vari­ous mul­tina­tion­al cli­ents in­clud­ing IBM, Nokia, and Am­nesty In­ter­na­tion­al. For the past ten years as an en­tre­pren­eur, Risto has been build­ing and design­ing web ser­vices for the lead­ing Finnish com­pan­ies such as Fis­kars and YIT. He has an im­press­ive ca­reer and di­verse ex­per­i­ence ran­ging from start-ups to glob­al cor­por­a­tions.

Mari Luukkainen

Chief Marketing Officer

Mari is an ex­per­i­enced, self-taught growth mar­keter. Com­bined 20 years of ex­per­i­ence she's been in­volved in the growth of hun­dreds of cli­ents and web­sites for over 10 years in af­fil­i­ate mar­ket­ing and an­oth­er 10 years in con­sult­ing. She's ex­per­i­enced in star­tup and crypto space in glob­al growth com­pan­ies like Pax­ful, Yousi­cian, and Deal­Dash. Mari's broad ex­per­i­ence ran­ging from af­fil­i­ate mar­ket­ing to growth hack­ing for various ICOs.

Janne M. Lohvansuu

Chief Token Officer, MBA

Janne's ex­pert­ise is shap­ing the fu­ture of com­pan­ies through ex­cep­tion­al user ex­per­i­ence. He has held management po­s­i­tions in Ac­cen­ture's Di­git­al Strategy prac­tice and oth­er glob­al IT con­sultan­cies. In ad­di­tion to over 20 years of de­liv­er­ing suc­cess­ful di­git­al ser­vices, he lec­tures about di­git­al trans­form­a­tion, crypto­cur­ren­cies, and user ex­per­i­ence. Janne is also an au­thor of the book ‘Start In­vest­ing in Bit­coin Today‘ pub­lished in 2014.

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Prof. Dr. 
Niclas Adler
Chief Executive Officer

Niclas has the last 25 years combined the roles of serial entrepreneur, investor and academic in the global health-care innovation space. Niclas has been engaged as co-founder, executive and board member in 22 different biotech, telemedicine and health-care solution companies. Niclas has extensive experiences from IPO and trade-sales of successful ventures and have served as board member and Chairman of several listed companies. Besides academic faculty and leadership positions Niclas has been fellow at the Sunningdale Institute advicing UK National Health Services, has been project leader for World Economic Forums annual Global Competitiveness Study in Sweden been part of WISH – World Innovation Summit for Health organized annually in Doha.

Anders Sagadin 
Chief Operating Officer

An­ders Sagad­in is a seri­al en­tre­pren­eur and high-per­form­ing in­ter­na­tion­al busi­ness ex­ec­ut­ive with over 25 years of ex­per­i­ence in driv­ing pro­found fin­an­cial and sig­ni­fic­ant growth res­ults and proven abil­ity to shape in­ter­na­tion­al teams and lead­ers across the globe. An­ders has tech­no­logy ex­pert­ise com­bined with his C-level ex­per­i­ence in busi­ness de­vel­op­ment, mar­ket­ing, and tech­no­logy ex­e­cu­tion from star­tups to large mul­tina­tion­al com­pan­ies.

Token Offering

Token offering

Next generation medicine developement

About SeaHeal

Power of blockchain for medical development

SeaHeal's highly advanced, CE-approved technology platform has been developed at SeaHeal’s research facility in Karolinska Institute, Sweden and SeaHeal’s biopharmaceutical laboratory in Ambon, Eastern Indonesia.

In order to bring transparency into the medicine development eco-system, SeaHeal introduces a blockchain with HealthCoin.

SeaHealis the first pharmaceutical company to utilise and demonstrate the power of blockchain in this space. After the viability of the ledger have been demonstrated, a number of global medicine development companies will join the blockchain in order to verify their test results openly with trusted third parties.

HealthCoins™ will also enable holders to buy new medicines and related therapies directly from SeaHeal™. In addition holders of HealthCoins™ will also have discount on new issued shares and the planned pre-IPO financing in 2020.

Power of blockchain for medical development


Seaheal AG established its own research team at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden in 2012 to source, integrate and develop the best available solutions globally for how to identify and develop new medicines from marine biodiversity. 

Since then the company has recruited a fantastic team and global network of advisors, achieved CE-approval for three generations of systems, established a productive Lab in the best global location to source active substances in Indonesia,

SeaHeal has also secured full water utilization rights for the most biodiverse waters in the world, proven that the concept works and is now prepared for enabling the necessary global traction to change the way medicine is developed.

Karolinska Institute in Stockholm  

David Malmborg
Chief Financial Officer

David has over 10 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and investor, most of whom are from the financial sector, with special focus on financing real estate companies and medical projects. For the past 6 years, David has been involved and is responsible for a total financing volume of + 3 billion SEK for more than 100 companies/projects. David has been appointed one of “101 super talents” of the Swedish business magazine “Veckans affärer".

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The SeaHeal™ Solution

Extracts will be systematically sampled from Indonesia’s abundant Reefs and their active substances will be tested against relevant diseases utilizing the proprietary SeaHeal Reader and the SeaHeal Cell Culture.

The sampling has been designed to minimize any damage and sample sizes of less than 500 mg required for the initial screenings. Biodiversity with medicinal properties will be identified and optimal growing conditions will be determined in the lab. The SeaHeal Reader provides a solution that capture cell killing efficiency and specificity through advanced optics and AI enabling algorithms. The SeaHeal Cell Culture has been clinically proven to perfectly mimic the life of the diseased cells inside the body and the SeaHeal Robot is specially designed to accurately distribute cells and active substances into reading plates without harming them.

The SeaHeal Technology.

The SeaHeal™ Solution

The SeaHeal™ Reader

The SeaHeal Technology.

The first generation system was put into pilot use 2014, the second generation of the system was CE approved in 2017 and the third generation of the system enabling large scale and lower price production was launched during spring 2018. With the technology implemented in Ambon already 11 candidate medicines have been identified from the first tested active substances from Indonesian marine biodiversity.

SeaHeal vision is to by showing the real value of active substances in the Reefs the Reefs will be protected and several stakeholder groups will align in shaping a sustainable future for the important Reef biodiversity.

The SeaHeal™ Robot

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Featured in

Featured in

SeaHeal Techboon team
Tinghan Luo, Laszlo Szekely, Nida Quissi, Yao Guo, Shu Zhu, Tian Qi Ma


SeaHeal Unpatti team
Stefmon Franciscus, Merlyn Sambonu, Desy Bungaa, Debby Sahureka, Gino Limmon

Fredrik Pahlet 

Fredrik has the last 30 years combined the roles of serial entrepreneur and investor in the global financial, technology and innovation space. Fredrik has been engaged as co-founder, investor and board member in 30 different financial and technology companies. Fredrik has extensive experiences from IPO and trade-sales of successful ventures.

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